How will you work in a group online?

What you can expect!

You may have attended group sessions online or this could be your first.

What you can expect is:

  • A fun and engaging workshop session
  • Fast-paced and energising
  • Practical and strategy-based
  • An opportunity to share and work in smaller breakout groups
  • New connections and friendships

Guidelines for working in a group online

This program consists of three 2 hour online Zoom classroom sessions.

You will be attending with a group of teens across Australia and NZ.

To create a safe and positive experience for all, here are some guidelines for engaging together online:

  • You will need a computer to join the session. Please don't join via smartphone or Ipad as it will limit your ability to engage in the session
  • Turn your camera on and mute yourself unless sharing stories or experiences
  • Share stories and experiences where comfortable. You can privately message your facilitator if you would not like to share publicly
  • Ensure you are attending the online sessions from a quiet place with limited or no background noise for the comfort of other participants
  • Use a headset to improve the sound quality for all participants
  • Please respect the stories of others and keep what is shared 'in the room'
  • Be aware of making judgemental statements about yourself or others
  • Remember that all feelings are valid!
  • Help create a safe space to be flexible and move outside your comfort zone
  • Complete the pre-course activities so you are prepared for the course content

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