What will you learn?

Welcome to the course: Learning to thrive during adolescence

We are excited to have you join us on this course and look forward to meeting you during the online sessions!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or stuck?

Not sure what to do to change your life?

Do you want to develop a sense of purpose and autonomy, manage your stress and learn how to make positive life-choices?

This course will develop your knowledge of key foundational skills you need to thrive during adolescence.

They are:

  • How to manage unhelpful thoughts, feelings or situations
  • What happens in the teenage brain that contributes to stress and anxiety
  • The opportunities and positive changes in the brain that occur during adolescence 
  • How to approach life with a resilient, mentally healthy outlook and watch out for mentally unhealthy patterns 
  • What to do when you notice a mental decline 
  • How to turn unhelpful choices (procrastination, perfectionism, risky behaviours, self-harm, avoidance) into helpful ones (creating, learning, engaging, growing, changing, planning, improving).

Is this course right for me?

This course is designed for teenagers in grades 10-12. This is a time when you start making future life choices, thinking about how to manage important exams, develop key relationships with others and develop more autonomy to manage your life. The strategies taught in this program are best suited for this age group in a group workshop setting.

What are your fears or concerns about the course?

You will be meeting online with fellow teens from around Australia and New Zealand who are also attending the course. If you are comfortable, you can share any fears and concerns you have about the course. We can then support you with managing or address these concerns during the sessions.

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