Who is your facilitator?

Who is your facilitator?

My name is Rosie, and I will be facilitating the course Learn to thrive during adolescence.

I am a Psychologist and Education Consultant who has been working with children and their parents over the last 10 years to help them grow, develop and adapt in times of change and challenge. I use proactive, educational-psychology based approaches that stem from advances in neuroscience.

The focus of this course is to take some of the key educational elements from therapy sessions conducted with lots of different individuals. The course is designed to teach you to develop key skills which will support you as you navigate the sometimes challenging period of adolescence.

Adopting a proactive approach, I will support you when times get a little challenging!

This will also protect your wellbeing and mental health, because you will have the tools available to immediately overcome your challenges.

I was once a teenager myself, and during that time I struggled with my own mental health challenges. We will use the workshop sessions to share our diverse and sometimes similar experiences, as well as the challenges and opportunities that exist.

We will learn from each other and develop skills that we can live by to foster positive wellbeing.

I also hope that the group sessions will help you develop connections with other like-minded teens, who can provide you with support and reminders to the key concepts taught in the session.

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