Who is your facilitator?

I am a registered Psychologist, educator, coach and facilitator with a Masters in Learning (MLST).

I have been working with children, teens, adults, parents and corporate learners over the past 10 years helping them unlock their potential.

My story started back in my own early school years, where I struggled with diagnosed learning disabilities (or difficulties as I prefer to call them) and as a result anxiety. I never received top marks, but I became determined to show other people that I was 'smart' and that these challenges did not define me.

Jump forward 25 years and I now help young people and their parents who, like me, may have struggled at school and tried hard, but were unable to succeed.

All my courses and programs are evidence based and focus on helping people understand how they learn and how to learn more effectively.

I hope I can inspire you (and your child) to unlock your own potential through life-long learning too!

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