Why attend this course?

Are you a pregnant, a new or recent parent embarking on the exciting and daunting role of parenthood? Do you want to be prepared to develop a secure and nurturing attachment with your baby? This course could be for you!

This course could be for you if....

  • You want to feel confident about how best to parent your child
  • You want to develop a secure, safe and positive attachment with your child
  • You want to align your parenting approach to contemporary brain-based research about secure attachment
  • You want to develop and practice skills to help you manage parenting challenges in advance

Create your parenting identity

What are the values and philosophy that sit behind the way you wish to parent? How will these support you as you embark on this journey?

Develop a mindset for growth

Things are most certainly not going to go to plan at some stage over the next couple of months. How will you adapt and respond to support the development of your child?

Improve resilience to manage

How can you overcome the 'hard-wired for safety' default (course topic) and ensure you manage feelings of worry, concern or anxiety?

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Spaces are limited for the face-to-face sessions. Price is in AUD.

Who is your facilitator?

Hi, my name is Rosie. I am a psychologist, educator, coach and facilitator and mum with a masters in learning and technology.

I have been working with parents. children, teens, adults and corporate learners over the past 10+ years helping them develop their mindset, personal strengths and resilience.  

I founded an organisation called “I learn for life’ developed on the premise that all individuals can use learning to develop their potential and capacity at whatever it is they wish to do. 

The approaches shared in this course are evidence-based and focus on helping develop supportive and securely attached parent-child relationships using brain-based research. 

I hope I can inspire you to unlock your parenting potential through life-long learning too!