Develop skills and become a lifelong learner for an engaged, fulfilling life, improving your wellbeing, resilience and motivation!

Whoever you are and whatever your challenges, you can teach yourself to make the changes required to succeed, engage, and achieve by unlocking your potential.

When you experience hard times, roadblocks or are feeling stuck, there are skills you need to learn to help you improve, grow and develop.

There are three programs currently available, run as small group online sessions, facilitated by a Psychologist and target teenagers in years 10-12.

Each program consists of three 2 hour sessions run after school.

They develop your mental fitness and resilience by helping you identify roadblocks, discover the skills you need to thrive, and teach you how to develop those skills and strategies to overcome your challenges.

Learn more about the programs available in 2023 below.

Develop resilience, improve wellbeing, manage stress and reduce anxiety

Teenagers will learn how to shift unhelpful and life-limiting choices. Those who experience procrastination, perfectionism, worry, stress, anxiety or depression, will learn how to take value-based goal-driven action, focus on the present moment and foster positive, fulfilled engagement at school.

Course objectives

  • How to manage unhelpful thoughts, feelings or situations with CBT
  • What is happening in the teenage brain that contributes to stress and anxiety
  • Why do we need to understand neurodiversity?
  • How to approach life with a resilient mentally healthy outlook and watch out for mentally unhealthy patterns with ACT
  • What to do when you notice a mental decline 

Courses for Term 1 2023

Tuesday - February 7th, 14th 21st (4-6pm AEST)

Tuesday - March 7th, 17th, 21st (4-6pm AEST)

Learn how to overcome roadblocks and reach your potential

Teenagers who attend this program will identify the factors that are inhibiting their performance at school and then develop specific strategies to target and overcome that challenge. This course is best suited to learners with a specific challenge, topic area or subject they wish to improve.

Course objectives

  • What is required for effective learning 
  • Identify personal learning roadblocks within the context of their current challenge
  • Design a support strategy to overcome your specific challenge
  • Improve their capacity to communicate their needs to others (teachers, parents, peers) 
  • Use productive failure, as a means to improve performance at school

Courses Term 1 2023

Wednesday - February 8, 15, 22nd (4-6pm AEST)

Wednesday - March 8, 15, 22nd (4-6pm AEST)

Unlock your natural learning preferences to get a better result in the classroom

Teenagers will identify their learning motivators and engagers and recognise the helpful and unhelpful behaviours they adopt when learning. They will develop their metacognitive abilities which will increase their self-awareness and improve decision making when learning at school, resulting in more autonomous, self-reliant, flexible and productive learners with a self-directed motivation to learn. 

Course objectives

  • Understand the psychology behind teenage motivation and engagement
  • Identify their learning motivators and engagers
  • Correlate personal insights with specific strategies to improve how they engage when learning.

Courses Term 1 2023

Thursday - February 9, 16, 23rd (4-6pm AEST)

Thursday - March 9, 16, 23rd (4-6pm AEST)